Any ancillary drilling products are available. Our ability to manufacture and engineer to your specifications, provides you with an unmatched advantage. From shock subs to swivels, adapters, and lifting bails, there is no request that cannot be fulfilled.

Any ancillary drilling product

High performance and reliability

Custom Manufacturing

Shock Subs

Shock Subs  provide an improved rate of penetration and significantly minimize axial vibrations produced by the drill bit during drilling operations.


An Adapter Sub or Crossover Sub is used to connect one type of thread to another. Available in any combination of Box x Box, Pin x Box, or Pin x Pin. Many different thread types can be involved with different lengths, wall thicknesses, and material types.


Top inlet, bottom inlet or bearing swivels for any RC drilling rig. Our swivels are manufactured to precision and will improve performance and reduce downtime on your job site.

Lifting Bails

Lifting bails or “lifting caps”are used to safely and efficiently handle tool joints, stabilizers, subs, drill pipe, collars and bits commonly used in many drilling industries. The bails are also used to protect threads against damage while the items are being moved.
Our lifting bails are carefully manufactured and meet all API standards.