Custom Coring Solutions

Pinnacle Drilling Products provides innovative coring solutions for the Alberta Oil sands, we have expert knowledge in overcoming the difficulties of exploring complex ground conditions.

Custom Coring Bits

Custom Coring Systems

Sonic Drilling

Custom Tar Sands Solutions

Pinnacle Drilling Products offers exclusive coring solutions to the Alberta Oil sands, our advanced coring systems will allow you to recover core successfully and efficiently. Available in standard 5-3/4” – 6-1/4” x 2-3/4” OR 3” core barrels or we can custom manufacture to your exact specifications.

Core & Sonic Drilling

Pinnacle offers the full scope of drilling product, drill rigs and accessories for coring including sonic. Sonic drilling enhances coring by using high –frequency, resonant energy to advance a core barrel or casing into the ground. The energy is transferred down the drill string to the bit face. At the same time, the drill string rotates and evenly distributes the energy and impact to the drill face.