Lead systems

Pinnacle Drilling Products offers a wide variety of lead systems ruggedly built to withstand the daily abuses of pile driving and designed to increase productivity on the job site.

Rugged & Simple


Various Lead Styles

Run an efficient job site

Bermingham Leads have been designed to increase the productivity of the pile driving operation. This is accomplished by minimizing the movement of the crane, and by decreasing the time spent placing the pile under the hammer and spotting of the pile. On a typical project, the actual productive driving time may be increased from an average of 50% of the work day to 75% or more.

At the “BIG DIG” in Boston, Nicholson Construction reported an increase in production from 5 insertions per day with a custom European piling rig to 12 insertions per day with a Bermingham Vertical Travel Lead on a Manitowoc M-250.

Cost Benefit

The daily cost of the Vertical Travel Leads is less than the daily cost of a four-man crew and swinging/
hanging lead. The VTL contractor will begin to save after nine months. An additional cost benefit will result from the increased production and reduction in false-work and templates that are no longer required.


Bermingham Foundation Solutions’ lead systems are engineered to meet the requirements of the project without exceeding the limits of the crane.

Bermingham engineers determine the safe operating limits for all custom lead systems and provide these guidelines to the customer.
As the piles are placed with the aid of the hydraulic spotter and lead, a crane operator and front end man are all that are required. The spotter (not the men) position the piles. This reduction in crew size increases site safety.


Hydraulic positioning of the lead and pile provides greater accuracy and consistency in driving piles. Batter Piles can easily be driven to tight tolerances and the Vertical Travel Lead provides improved alignment between the hammer and the pile.

The Vertical Travel Lead System allows for fast and accurate positioning and alignment during splicing and re-driving of pile increasing productivity

Lead Styles