Kish Powerchem

Pinnacle Drilling Products is proud to carry select products from Kish Powerchem. Find powerful concrete dissolvers, de-greasers, as well as foams and products applicators.

Concrete dissolvers




Kish Powerchem, a division of KCP Environmental Inc. has provided quality, eco-friendly chemical solutions across Canada since 2005.
Through the years, and as an industry leader, we have developed superior sustainable chemistry for: Asphalt Release Agents; Concrete Removers; Form Release Agents; Industrial Truck Washes and Degreasers. Kish Powerchem’s eco-friendly product line replaces traditional cleaning acids, fuels, and solvents used normally for Fleet Maintenance and Industrial Cleaning applications. Your fleet and equipment will thank you for choosing our products! 

  • Overnight
  • Crete-Dissolve
  • Dynasolve


Heavy Duty Molecular Cement Dissolver

OVERNIGHT can be used as a daily concrete dissolver without any neutralization. The action of OVERNIGHT not only removes concrete but also removes old rust and oxides during the cleaning process. 


Molecular Concrete Dissolver

Use CRETE-DISSOLVE on Ready Mix Concrete Equipment, Chutes, Concrete Pumps and Equipment, Laser Screeds, Power Buggies, Concrete Cutting Equipment, Concrete Finishing Equipment, Forms and Accessories, Concrete Paving and Slip Form Equipment.


HD Dissolving Degreaser

DYNASOLVE is a ready-to-use heavy-duty organic solvent with superior cutting properties when compared to traditional inorganic solvents. Utilizing breakthrough chemistry, DYNASOLVE successfully penetrates, extracts, and dissolves stubborn deposits for a safe and effective removal.