HD DISSOLVING DEGREASER - Professional Grade, Biodegradable


DYNASOLVE is a ready-to-use heavy-duty organic solvent with superior cutting properties when compared to traditional inorganic solvents. Utilizing breakthrough chemistry, DYNASOLVE successfully penetrates, extracts, and dissolves stubborn deposits for a safe and effective removal.
A dynamic and versatile solution, DYNASOLVE will remove bitumen, tar, grease, carbonized deposits, used lubricants, oils, and more. Utilize it on heavy industrial equipment, rigs, machinery, mining equipment, trucks, tractors, mechanical shovels, soiled floors and tools as required.


Apply product undiluted with a hand sprayer or pneumatic spray system.


This is a concentrated organic degreaser that may harm some plastics, rubber and painted surfaces. Do not use on floor finishes, as it may remove the finish. Always pre test a surface in an inconspicuous spot if you question the products compatibility. This is a powerful degreaser that may defat skin. Use rubber gloves when handling to avoid chapped skin. Keep container capped when not in use.