Rental Program

Due to the high cost of equipment and tooling and the relatively short duration of some projects, Pinnacle has developed a rental program. This REN-T-OOL Program can offer a cost-effective solution for almost any of your short-term projects.

Cost Effective

Better Job Site Organization

Fast Shipping

Pinnacle Drilling Products (PDP) and ML Air (MLA) are pleased to announce our new tool rental program known as REN-T-OOLS. This program has been implemented to enable foundation contractors, both small or large, to bid on projects that don’t allow for tooling purchases within the project budget. PDP/MLA has a full compliment of Reverse Circulation, Down The Hole hammers, and all peripheral components that are required by our customers to enable them to complete any project large or small. Please contact our Sales Team to obtain availability and pricing of the specific tools you need to complete your project.