RC drilling can drill and grout in one pass and can quickly and efficiently collect samples, while employing large rotary drills and air compression. Using large rigs and machinery, RC drilling routinely achieves depths of up to 500 meters.

Reduces air loss into the formation

Has less impact in sensitive areas

Energy efficient


Manufactured to the customers specific specs our interchanges come in all sizes and can be fitted with customize rubbers to ensure that the seal with the casing is perfect.

RC Pipe

Pinnacle Drilling Products carries a comprehensive selection of traditional threaded, and hex joint RC pipe. Precision machined tool joints and pipe are carburized during heat treatment for additional hardness.

Rotary Head

High torque rotation units that can be configured for both reverse circulation and rotary air blast drilling


In Minutes!

Pinnacle Drilling Products is the industry leader in Reverse Circulation conversions on rotary drilling rigs, of all makes and models. Convert your standard Kelly rig to an RC setup in a matter of minutes, and with a great return on your investment.

Air Manifold

Pinnacle Drilling Products manufactures a fully self-contained air support module capable of handling the large volumes of air required for large diameter drilling.


For sample collection during RC drilling operations. Multiple sizes and mounting packages available to suit all applications (helicopter portable RC/RAB, Large track mounted rig, RC conversion kits)

Power Pack

Power your RC top drive with this easy to transport power unit, equipped with a 325 John Deere diesel engine and a custom designed load sensing hydraulic system for maximum system efficiency and high performance.

The Hole Story

Typical RC Assembly

By blowing air down the annulus of the rod, the difference in pressure creates air lift to move water and cuttings up the inner tube. The dry cuttings travel around the inside of the cyclone until collected in sample bags for which detailed information is recorded for later analysis.

This diagram illustrates the RC design and assembly.