Pinnacle is happy to partner together with Robit Plc, who has a wide product portfolio of high-quality products. Robit products ensure the most drilled meters for your money. With Robit white bits you get the best out both from your drilling rig and from your investment.

Casing Systems

Forepoling Products

Top Hammer Products

Casing Systems

Robit Casing Systems are the key components of the Ground Drilling Tools product line. Its patented locking system enables easy and reliable drilling cost effectively. Robit Casing Systems have several references worldwide in all major ground drilling applications: forepoling, anchoring, piling and underpinning, horizontal drilling, water and thermal well drilling, soil investigation/ monitoring and underwater drilling.

Top Hammer

Pinnacle Drilling Products supplies a top hammer line that covers all construction, quarrying and mining drill and blast applications, from the softest to the hardest of rock conditions.