Segmented Casing / Casing Drivers

Segmented Casing

We offer a robust line of segmented casing and drive adapters built to efficiently transfer the high torque energy from the rotary drive to the casing string.

Key Features
  • Double walled casings are available in standard diameters from 540/478mm up to 2000/1910mm. Lengths of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 meters for the full range of casing diameters.
  • Casing joints are watertight and can be connected to either single or double walled casings.
  • The casings feature an outer wall thickness of 10-18mm and an inner wall thickness of 8-12mm that depend on the casing size.
  • Longitudinal reinforcing bars between the inner and outer wall.
  • Smaller casings have 16-18 reinforcing bars, while the larger casings have up to 62.
  • For the bulk of casing sizes, the combined (overall) thickness of the inner wall, gap/reinforcing bar, and outer wall is 40mm.
Spec Sheets