DTH Reverse Circulation


The RC Interchange is designed to leverage the use of conventional down-the-hole bit, hammer, and shock absorber within a reverse circulation configuration, enhancing drilling efficiency.

Manufactured to precision, PDP’s uniquely designed interchange features a main body section fully CNC’d from a single piece of material, eliminating potential erosion where welding would typically be required. Coupled with an integrated rotating umbrella, PDP’s interchange requires less maintenance, resulting in extended life.

The interchange main body is offered in all matching sizes of our standard RC pipes, and the sealing umbrella is made to the required size.

Key Features
  • A wide range of diameters
  • Tough and durable
  • Advanced technology

RC Conversion Kits

Optimize the versatility and productivity of your conventional rotary drill rig with a PDP RC Conversion Kit. In a matter of minutes, convert your Kelly rig into a down-the-hole reverse circulation drill rig, allowing you to drastically increase productivity in challenging drilling conditions. Pinnacle Drilling stands as an industry leader in the development of reverse circulation drilling products, offering conversion kits designed to fit most rig models.

Key Features
  • Quick and easy installation
  • RC experts you can trust
  • Dramatic increase in productivity

Reverse circulation drill pipe

Pinnacle Drilling has developed and manufactures a comprehensive selection of threaded and hex joint RC drill pipes designed to maximize air flow and exhaust of cuttings. PDP RC drill pipes are manufactured using a high grade of steel combined with heat treatment for enhanced durability and performance.

Key Features
  • Quick release hex joints
  • High grade steel
  • Cuttings exhaust through the center

RC Swivels

Top inlet, bottom inlet or bearing swivels for any RC drilling rig. Our swivels are manufactured to precision and will improve performance and reduce downtime on your job site.

Key Features
  • A wide selection of swivels
  • Adapt to all drill rigs & pipe
  • Long lasting