DTH Conventional

High quality DTH bits

Pinnacle Drilling Products offers an extensive selection of top-tier DTH drill bits, designed to ensure optimal performance in achieving high penetration rates while prolonging the lifespan of the bits. Our inventory encompasses a wide range of DTH Bits, ranging from 3.5″ to 60″ (89mm to 1,524mm)

Key Features
  • Extensive selection of shanks
  • All common bit faces available
  • Comprehensive range of styles
  • Designed to transfer maximum energy

Drill Rods

With a vast selection range of sizes, thread types, and applications, Apex Drill Rods will fulfill all your project requirements.

Key Features
  • Rotary or percussion drilling application
  • Wide range of thread profile available
  • High grade steel tool joints

DTH Hammer’s

Pinnacle Drilling Products supplies the full lineup of Robit top hammers. Covering all construction, quarrying and mining drill and blast applications, from the softest to the hardest of rock conditions.

Key Features
  • Drifting and tunneling bits
  • Reaming equipment
  • Rods, shanks and couplings

Summit Series

PDP Summit Series hammers offer best balance between performance, reliability and cost per meter.

Key Features
  • Vast selection of shanks style
  • High performance and reliability
  • Available in 2"- 34" Diameters

Shock Absorbers

The Shock Sub absorbs and reduces the variable axial dynamic loads produced by the drill bit during drilling operations. It is most beneficial when drilling in hard rock, broken formations, and intermittent hard and soft streaks. Reducing the impact loads helps to improve borehole quality and straightness, increase ROP,  and extend the life of all connected tooling.

Pinnacle Drilling Products carries a wide range of diameters.

Key Features
  • Increase Penetration Rates
  • Reduce impact loads
  • Increase drilling efficiency
  • Extend life of drilling components
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Pinnacle Drilling Products carries a large inventory of high quality swivels (air inlets). With decades of manufacturing and field experience, PDP’s swivels are not only designed and built to meet the most rigorous demanding applications but also to provide extended life.

Key Features
  • Wide selection
  • Design for long lasting
  • High grade material

Threaded Casing

A large number of variables need to be considered in the process of choosing the right casing for your application. With in-house manufacturing and decades of experience, Pinnacle offers a wide range of casings that would be most suited for the application.

Key Features
  • Rotary only or rotary percussion drilling applications
  • Permanent or retrievable
  • Thread Type matching to your existing product
  • Inner (ID) and Outer Diameter (OD) dimensions for your bit to pass through
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