Top Hammer Drilling Tools

Top hammer bits

Pinnacle Drilling Products offers an extensive selection of top-tier top hammer drill bits, designed to ensure optimal performance in achieving high penetration rates while prolonging the lifespan of the bits.

Key Features
  • Premium Steel
  • Optimized button layout
  • Wide flushing grooves for better fluid dynamics

Top Hammer Drill Rods

With a vast selection range of sizes, thread types, and applications, our drill rod selections will fulfill all your project requirements.

Key Features
  • Rotary or percussion drilling application
  • Wide range of thread profile available
  • High grade steel tool joints


With specially developed alloys, shanks are with optimum harden-ability and balance of core and case properties to offer extended wear and fatigue life.

Key Features
  • Available in all standard connections
  • Tough & Durable
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